Access data - FTP Server

To be able to optimize website documents which are stored on an FTP server, you need to enter the following information:

  • Default File Name on the server: The default file for your main page, for example index.html or default.htm

  • Host name: Enter your server address here without http:// and www., that is for example

  • Port: Enter the port number of your FTP server here. This is 21 by default.

  • FTP Path: If your default file is located in a subdirectory on your FTP server, you need to specify the exact path here, for example /website/mysite if your default file is located at

  • User name and password: This information is usually given to you by your provider and grants you access rights to the specific server.

  • Passive Mode: In some cases, the firewall does not allow to establish a connection in active mode. In this case, you can check Passive here.

  • Mask Password: To see your server password in clear text, uncheck this option.