Automatic submission

In the Automatic Submission tab of the Tools section you find all search services that support this kind of submission in Hello Engines!.

First of all, please select an existing Template with submission data or click New Template to create a new one. You can change the selected template any time by clicking Edit Template.

The search engines are sorted by country what makes it easy to find the right ones.

To select the desired search engines, click the + icon next to the according country to see all available search services. The Rating and the PageRank which are shown for a search service will help you to get an idea about their importance. In addition, the Language is listed for all search services. If you would like to include all search services which are available for a country, simply check the box for that country instead of selecting them individually.

Note: Some of the listed search engines have restrictions and only accept certain top level domains like .com or .de. If this is the case, this is shown in the Restriction column and you can only submit your site if your website meets this condition.

If you have previously done an analysis with Hello Engines! the program has already analyzed in which search services you are already listed and in which not. This can be seen in the Recommendation for every search service. To submit your website only to those search services where you are not listed yet, click the Select button and choose the option Recommended only. Thus, only missing search services are checked. In addition, you can use the Select button to check all search services at once or to uncheck them all. To see only those search engines which are currently checked, you can click the Show Selection button. Click it once more to see all search services again.

Then click Submit in the toolbar to do the submission to all selected search engines.

After submission, you can directly see if the submission to a selected search service was successful by looking at the Status which is shown in the list. Below, you will also be shown the answer page which the search service returned.

Note: The status OK 200 does not mean that your website has already been added to the search service! This may take some days or even weeks. The status will only inform you if the submission was successfully received by a search service.

The date of the submission will be added to that list so that you can later see at a glance when you last submitted to a specific search service.

Via the Export button you can save your results in different formats or create a report via the Report tab.