In the Backlinks Summary module you will get an overview of all the backlinks which were found.

Note: This backlinks summary refers to the links found in the Links List section.

Under Statistics you will find information about the total number of backlinks found for the analyzed site and their distribution in regard to IP addresses, NoFollow/Follow and unique domains.

The Page Rank Diagram shows the PageRank distribution among your backlinks. The links should be distributed naturally (as the PageRank increases, the number of backlinks decreases). You can check this distribution in the backlinks pyramid (the number of backlinks should decrease from the bottom to the top)..

The Domain Authority Diagram shows the Domain Authority distribution among your backlinks. It is important to note that Domain Authority is on a 100-point, logarithmic scale. Thus, it is much more difficult to increase your score from 70 to 80 than it would be to increase it from 20 to 30.

Below you see the distribution in regard to Geographical Origin, in other words the countries from which the links come.

The NoFollow Diagram shows the distribution of Follow and NoFollow links among your backlinks.

You can export all these backlinks statistics to different formats by clicking on Export in the toolbar.