Basics 1: Content

The most important part of your website is its content - no surprise. Good, current content guarantees that users return. Here are some of the most important things which you should bear in mind:

  1. General:

  • Instead of wasting valuable time on tricks and manipulation, you should rather focus on keeping your content well arranged and interesting. You should maintain your focus on your website's visitors.

  • Share your know-how with the world. You will be rewarded with loyal visitors, many recommendations and links to your site.

  • Concentrate on only a few topics in the beginning to be able to offer better content.

  • Select strategically important keywords for your site and add them to your text without cumulating too many which would displease a visitor.

  • Take care that the content you offer is up-to-date.

  1. Style:

  • Separate advertising and content, because this will make your statements seem more reliable.

  • Start mentioning the most important information to attract interest.

  • Explain the technical terms you are using in your text, if necessary.

  • Pay attention to orthography, grammar and punctuation. Small mistakes will be tolerated, but if this should occur more frequently the reading flow will be impeded and the text will appear less reliable.

  • Make sure that your sentences are as short and as precise as possible and that you do not use unnecessarily complex structures and topical excursuses.

  • Structure your text for reason of clarity by using subheadings and use enumerations where it is appropriate instead of creating one large block of text.