Basics 3: Domain Name

A further important step when creating your website is to choose a domain name. Here are some things that you have to think of:

  • The domain name you have chosen has to be free, so that you can register it.

  • Your domain name may not violate the right of third parties and companies. Big and well-known companies will generally have a prior right about domain names as far as their name is concerned. In addition, you should be careful with names of stars and prominents, at least if you haven't ask for permission first.

  • For company websites the name of the company would fit best. Customers who search for a company in the Internet will be able to remember very well.

  • It is helpful if you can add your most important keyword to the domain name. This will not only improve the ranking, but also tell a visitor what he/she can expect on your website.

  • A short domain name is easy to remember for a visitor.

  • A concise name may be better than a fantasy construction or abbreviation.

  • Make sure to use known and generally accepted top level domains like .com, .net, .info or similar.