HTML Editor

The HTML Editor is a useful tool if you want to edit HTML documents, e.g. add meta tags.

On the HTML tab you can Save and Upload the current document. To open a html file which is saved locally, click Open File. Here you can make direct changes to this page. To use text from the clipboard click the Paste button. In addition you have the possibility to Find or Replace words or phrases. Furthermore, you have the possibility to see a print preview and print it. To see all headings, links or iamges at a glance, click the according button on the right side of the toolbar. All according elements will then be shown below the source code. To see all errors in the HTML code, click Errors.

Metatags and Refresh values can be edited at the Metatags tab. Add or edit the title, the keywords and the description metatag and select the desired option for Robots, for example INDEX;FOLLOW if you want robots to add your site to the index and to follow links on that site. To set a Refresh tag for the according site so that it is automatically refreshed or redirects to another website after a certain time, select a Delay value (in seconds) and enter the URL of the second website to which a user will be redirected.