Keyword Analyzer

The Keyword Analyzer section allows you to create and edit keyword lists.   

Click on New to create a new keyword list. As a first step, choose a name for your list. Confirm with OK.  This list is then displayed as the active list. Using the corresponding button you can Rename or Delete the selected list.

Click on Add Keywords to add new keywords to the active list.  

Furthermore, you can load keywords from a text file by clicking the button Load from File....

To add the content of the clipboard to your keywords choose Paste from Clipboard.

Another possibility is to import keywords from an URL by clicking Load from URL.... Enter the URL from which the keywords are to be extracted and confirm with OK.

The generated keyword list can be saved as a text file.

By clicking the button Properties or by double-clicking on a certain keyword you can see more details about it. Select a Search Service and the number of Top URLs to see the details, for example your top competitors,  for the selected keyword after clicking Analyze. Via Analyze All all keywords which are currently in the list will be analyzed accordingly.

Tip: If you select a competitor URL for a keyword in the list, you can right-click it to create a new project for this URL or to analyze it for further investigation.

In addition, you can delete one or more keywords from the list or directly rename them in the list.