Link Validator

The Link Validator from the Tools section helps you finding links on your website which don't work (anymore).

The Link Validator has two tabs: Link Validator and Report.

1. Link Validator

In the Link Validator tab you will find the following buttons:

  • Start Analysis: Click here to analyse the URL of a project and its subpages. The time needed for the analysis depends on the complexity of your site and the speed of your connection.

  • Custom Analysis: By clicking onto the lower part of the Start Analysis button, you may do a custom scan. In the Custom Scan dialog, you can e.g. select a scan depth and thereby determine to which level Hello Engines! will follow links on your site. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the number of threads to increase or decrease the query speed. Finally, you can exempt certain pages, folders and session IDs from the analysis.

  • Properties: If you would like to see all details on a certain Web page, choose this page and then click onto the Properties button. Alternatively, you can double-click onto the respective page in the list.

  • Correct Error: Allows fixing mistakes on the website.

  • Open URL: Opens the indicated website in your browser.

  • Find URL: Enables you to search the URLs shown in the list for a certain term that you enter into this function’s search mask.

  • Copy URL: Copies the selected URL to the clipboard.

  • Export: Exports the data you have received into different formats

  • View HTML: A click onto this button shows or hides the HTML source code of the selected URL in the lower part of the current window. You open and edit the pages directly in the HTML Editor if you configured the access to the source files in the project's Properties.

Once the analysis is completed, the main window shows the errors and warnings regarding the indicated website. In order to see details about these errors and warnings, click onto the + icon front of a webpage.

You can find those links which no longer work in the list by their Status. In addition, you can have a look at the titel, type, size and modification date of each linked page.

2. Report

Via the Report tab, you can create a report of the HTML validation process. Afterwards, you will be able to compare this report with reports you will generate once you have optimized your website.

in the Report tab you will find the following buttons:

  • Generate: Click here in order to generate a report of the HTML validation process.

  • Export: You can export the report into different formats.

  • Template: Select a template which you have created in the Templates module.

  • Print Preview: Lets you see how the validation report will look like once printed.

  • Print: Enables you to print the present validation report so that you can compare the current values to those after the optimization.

  • History: A click onto this buttons shows a window at the right hand side which displays the dates of previously generated reports.