Load Time Checker

The Load Time Checker uses file and image sizes to determine the average loading time of a site with different speeds.

Click Start Analysis to start the reading process. The amount of time needed depends on the complexity of your site and the speed of your connection. Click the lower half of the Start Analysis button to do a custom scan. In the Custom Scan dialog, you can select a Scan Depth to determine to which level Hello Engines! is going to follow links on your site and increase/decrease the number of Threads to increase/decrease the query speed. In addition, you can skip certain pages, folders and session IDs.

The results are displayed in the main window, split into different sorts of Internet connections. Click the + icon to have a closer look at the elements of a site and their loading time to determine which of them possibly cause a higher load time. To see all details about a specific subsite at a glance, select it and click Properties in the tool bar.

To create a report with the results of the Load Time Checker, click Create in the toolbar after the scan was completed or switch to the Report tab. Of course, you can Edit, Print and Save (as HTML, MHT or TXT file) your report, so that you are able to compare the current results to the ones you will have after optimizing your website.  Via the Export button you can also save your results in different formats or create a report via the Report tab.