Manual submission

The Manual Submission tab comprises all search engines or directories which do either not allow automatic submission or which have e.g. premium offers about which you should decide yourself.

First of all, please select an existing Template with submission data or click New Template to create one now. You can change the selected template any time by clicking Edit Template.

On the right side, you see a list of all search services sorted by country. Click the + icon to expand the view and see all search services for a certain country.

The Rating and PageRank will help you to estimate the importance of a search service. In the Recommendation field you will find information whether you should submit your website to that search engine or directory, based on the results of the analysis which Hello Engines! made.

As soon as you select a search service in the list, the website of that search service will be opened in the browser on the left side.

In most cases this will already be the site where you can submit your side, in some cases you may need to do some clicks to reach the correct page, because you need to decide between premium and free offers.

With the Back and Forward buttons you can go to a previous or already opened site as in any browser.

In the Fields section on the right, you see all the information which you have added in your project. By clicking the Fill Form button in the toolbar, Hello Engines! will fill this information into the submission form of the website. You can change, add and review the entries, if necessary.

To erase all entries in the form click Clear Form.

If you already submitted your site to a search service or do not want to do so, you can mark it as submitted by clicking the according button in the toolbar. Thus the recommendation for the selected search service will change. Accordingly, you can mark it as not submitted.

After filling in all necessary fields, you can submit your site by clicking the according submit field in the submit form.

Via the Export button you can save your results in different formats or create a report via the Report tab.