New Project Wizard

The New Project Wizard can be accessed in the Project Files section and will help you setting up your website project.

1. URL

Enter the URL for this project. Normally, this will be the main site of your website project, that is

Alternatively, click on Local File if you want to analyze a HTML document which is saved on your disk.

When you are ready, click Next and Hello Engines! will start retrieving the available data from the specified website.

2. Website Data

On this form of the wizard, enter some basic descriptions about your website. Hello Engines! will fill in most of the details based on the information which was found on the website. If the according information was not found on the website or you would like to make any amendments, you can simply enter the text manually. A comment can be added containing some additional information like a delivery date. Furthermore, you can load information from a template on the right side or save it.

When you are ready, click Next.

3. Project Keywords

Here, you can select the Preferred Search Engine for which you would like to optimize your website and define the number of matches to be checked.. In addition, please select your Primary Keyword, that is the keyword for which you would like to optimize your site primarily and some additional keywords. Hello Engines! will offer you some keywords according to the content which it found on your website. You can either select one of those keywords as primary keywords if you click the arrow button on the right, or choose a different keyword by typing it manually. You can also load that information from a template or save it as such. Load from Collection allows you to use the keywords you created in the Keywords section. Alternatively, you can load keywords from any text file.

Note: You need to select a primary keyword and a preferred search engine to be able to continue.

When you are ready, click Next.

4. Access Data

Specify here, where the according HTML file is stored which you would like to optimize. As Website Location select either your local system or FTP Server. You can test the configured connection by clicking Test Connection.

If you do not have direct access to the files you can check the option No access to source files. Remember that without access to the files you can't edit the HTML code directly.

5. Advanced Settings

The analysis settings which Hello Engines! uses by default can be adapted on this tab. The Scan Depth refers the link checking and determines to what extend the program will check. The Max. number of pages determines how many documents will be considered for the technical analysis. At Max. ranking results you can determine how many positions in search engines will be checked, which is the top 10 by default. In addition, you can set some skip options for websites you would like to skip by default.

In the Additional section you can add some further information to your project:

  • The Report template is used to customize reports which are created inside of this project.

  • The Customer Data template allows you to save information about the customer who is connected to that specific project.

  • The Submission Data template is only used for the submission to search engines.

Click New Template if you want to use any of these three templates to create one.

Note: All advanced settings are optional.

When you are ready, click Next.

6. Competitors

You can define a list of competitors for your project.

  • No competitor

  • Top 10 URLs from the preferred engine by primary keyword: The software will automatically retrieve a list of the 10 best placed results in the search engine.

  • Define manually:Enter your own list of competitors.

When you are ready, click Next.

7. Wizard Completion

After you have filled in all the necessary fields, you can complete the New Project Wizard by clicking Finish.

By default, Hello Engines! will now start to analyze your website.

If you want to run the analysis later, uncheck Start Website Analysis.