Rating - Compare Websites

You'll find the Compare Websites function in the Website Rating module.

This tool allows you to compare three websites regarding their optimization status. Thus you can, for example, compare your own website to that of your best competitors.

In order to compare URLs, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter at least two URLs into the fields URL #1-3.

  2. Then click on Compare.

  3. Once the comparison is finished, you will see its results below: in the upper half the all-in-all rating for each website, in the lower half the websites' detailed results.

In addition to comparing websites, the present Compare Websites tab provides the following options:

  • Print Preview: Lets you see how the website comparison will look like once printed.

  • Print: Enables you to print the present comparison.

  • Export: Allows you to export the comparison's results into an HTML or PDF file.