Rating - Website Rating

In order to process a rating query, proceed as follows:

  • Website: Enter a URL here.

  • Rate Website: Click on this button in order to start the rating query. The query may take several minutes.

  • Export: With the help of this function, you may export the query results into different formats.

After the query is completed, you will receive the following information:

  • Overall Rating of the Website: Here you see the complete rating of the indicated website, with 100 being the best possible value.

  • Site Rank Position: Shows you the website’s position in relation to the 1000 best websites, e.g. place 678 of 1000.

  • Top 1000 Websites: Via this link, you may have a look at the dynamic list of the top 1000 entered websites. Alternatively, you can go to the tab Top 1000 Websites which you will also find in the Website Rating section.

  • Last Update: Shows the date of the last update of this value.

In the field below, you will see the details which make up the rating. They are divided into four sections:

  • Site Rank: Hello Engines! determines how good your website is rated by important search engines and directories, for example the Google PageRank. In addition, the age of the website is determined which also plays a role for a good ranking.

  • Site Popularity: This section is about the number of external links which different search engines determine.

  • Technical Analysis: Hello Engines! checks your websites for technical aspects which might be a problem for search engines, for example Frames, and checks if the source code of the website contains any errors.

  • Social Bookmarking: Some websites offer the possibility for a user to refer to other good websites and this kind of recommendation is becoming more and more popular today. Therefore, this section checks how many of the most important and best known social bookmarks the website in question already has.

For each factor which contributes to the rating you will receive an overall value for the website. The criteria have different weights. Apart from this value, you are shown in brackets which percentage of the possible score was achieved.  At Component Rating, the scores for each section are summarized.