Search engine submission

Search engine submission or registration is the process of getting your website included in a search engine index. Many people believe that website submission is not necessary, because the leading search engines like Google and Yahoo! use crawlers and bots to search and add URLs to the index. But this can only happen if a site is already linked to sites in the index. In addition, directories, and smaller, regional search engines will never find your site. It is in any case better to take matters into your own hands and to submit your URL instead of waiting until it will be found by a crawler. In addition, the search engine submission will help you to get the first valuable backlinks for a new project.

With Hello Engines! you can submit your website both automatically and manually. With an automatic submission you can save a lot of time and energy: You enter details about your website, select search services to which you like to submit your website and let the program do the rest.  

However, there are situations, when only manual submission is possible. For example, some search services ask you to enter a generated code to avoid receiving too much spam from submission tools. In addition, Hello Engines! does not submit your website automatically to those search services which are not free of charge.

In general, it is not submit your website more than once to search engines and directories. Search engine crawlers update the information about your page automatically at regular intervals, once you have been accepted into the index. Only if there are major changes, i.e. translate it into another language or completely change the content, it is recommendable to repeat the submission.

You should take into consideration that most search engines take 6 weeks or more to index your website after submission. Don't panic when you can't see an immediate response to your submission, but visit the search services at a later date again.