SEO Analyzer

You'll find the SEO Analyzer module in the Optimization section.

The SEO Analyzer provides the following functions:

  • Start Analysis: Click here to start the SEO analysis of your website. Hello Engines! will retrieve all the necessary data from and about your website. To stop the SEO analysis, click Cancel.

  • Custom Analysis: If you would like to define your website's analysis more precisely, click on the lower half of the Start Analysis button and then on Custom Analysis. In the opening window you can enter a different URL and configure the analysis' settings (e.g. its scan depth).

  • Reset Keywords: This option resets the keywords for the present URL. During this process, the inserted keywords are deleted  for all documents. Afterwards, the values from the meta tag "Keywords" are reinserted.

  • Export: Enables to export the SEO analysis into an HTML document.

  • Open URL: Opens the URL of the entered website.

  • Edit HTML: Allows to modify the URL's HTML document.

Once the analysis is completed, a list will appear below, specifying which optimization areas are already good and which need to be improved.

  • SEO Analysis: Checks if items like a title tag and headers are used correctly in your website and if the chosen keywords are found in different parts of the website, like in the body or in the <alt> tags of images

  • Page Source: Shows the HTML source code of the selected site

  • Page Preview: Shows a preview of the appropriate site in the browser

Clicking the + icon will display the subpages of the website and their rating and analysis.

Note: You can define different keywords on which the analysis is based for each page of your website project. To do so, select a page and change or add keywords in the Page Keywords section on the right. You can also add keywords from a list which you have created in the Keywords section by clicking Load from template.

Finally, you have two possibilities:

  • In order to export your report or print its results, go to the SEO Report section.

  • In order to customize your report, select a template you previously created in the Templates section.