SEO Checklist

There are numerous factors which are important for successful search engine optimization and which you should thus bear in mind after creating the actual website.

The SEO Checklist in Hello Engines! offers you a check list with which you can carry out these steps one by one. That way you can always maintain an overview even with several projects.

The list consists of 12 steps and is divided into four columns:

  • Task: Here are listed the twelve basic steps related to search engine optimization. If you double-click onto a task, you will see its single subtasks. After you have carried out a certain subtask and thus consider it as completed, you can check the box at the left of the respective subtask.

  • Task Status: Here you see your progress within the SEO check list. If you mark a certain task as completed, its task status is set to "Done." At the same time, the status of the subordinated task, to which this subtask belongs, rises. In this way, you always see at first sight how much you still have to do at how many tasks.

  • Program Functions: In this column, you see the function by means of which you can check or carry out a certain task (e.g. find out the number of competitors by using the keywords tool). A click onto the corresponding functions leads you directly to the respective module.

  • Comments: This column shows a description of the task that is selected in the colon at the left.