Task Planner (from Hello Engines! Professional)

You can schedule automatic analyses, ranking queries and submissions by using the Task Planer. Hello Engines! doesn’t need to run in order for the Planer to work.

Starting the Task Planer

Double click the file aseops_tp.exe from the Hello Engines! installation directory.

TIP: Configure the Task Planer’s Options to start together with Windows; the tasks will run even if Hello Engines! is not started.

Adding a new task

In order to add a new task click on Task >> New Task or hit the shortcut key combination CTRL + N. Add the desired project(s) by clicking on Add and configure

the task afterwards in the Task Properties dialog.

Manage tasks

You can access and modify a task’s Properties at any time through the context menu, by right-clicking on the task. You can also start, stop or delete a task over the context menu.


You can always check if a task was completed successfully or if there was an error in the Status column of the Task Planer main window. More detailed information can be found in the Results tab from the task Properties.

Alternatively to the Task Planer you can create a batch file with the following


<path>helloengines9.exe -<command> -<list>

<path> = path to the ASEOPS 9 installation directory

<command> = analysis, ranking or submission

<list> = fully qualified name of the plain text file with the name of the project filenames (*.sit).