Template Keyword Sets

If you create a new template and choose the Keyword Set option, you may indicate following information:

  • Name: First, indicate a name for this template with keywords sets.

  • Keyword: Here, you can enter the primary keyword of your website as well as single search terms or combinations of search terms. By entering characters into the field Keyword, the buttons at the right of the field (Add and Replace) become active.

  • Add: If you clin onto this button, the term entered in the Keyword field is taken over into the list below.

  • Replace: With this function, you may edit or entirely replace keywords in the list. To do so, you first need to click onto one of the keywords in the list. This term will then be shown in the Keyword field. Now you edit the term in the Keyword field as desired. In this way, the buttons Add and Replace become active so that you may now use them.

  • Current Project: Imports the keywords from the project's properties.

  • Load from File: This button allows you to load keywords from a file, e.g. a text file.

  • Load from URL: With this function you may load keywords directly from a URL.

  • Clipboard: By clicking onto this button, you may import keywords from the clipboard.

  • Delete/Clear: These options delete one viz. all keywords from the list above.

When you are ready, click OK to save the keyword set.