Template Report Templates

In Hello Engines! you can generate a report which can be adapted to the format and style you like. For this you need to go to the Templates module, select Report Templates and click on New Template.

  • Name: First of all, enter a name for your template.

  • Style Sheet: In this section, you may change the report's appearance. To do so, you can either select a default style sheet or a custom one. If you choose the custom option, you can load a CSS file by clicking onto the Select button.  

Additionally, you may set and change the report's attributes:

  • Report Description: Here you can change the report description in the report's heading. Just enter your text into the text field or adapt the default text.

  • Report Logo: Here you may determine the report's logo. The selected logo will be displayed in the window beneath it. If you click onto the Select button, you may select your own logo, e.g. your company's logo. If you click onto Restore Default, the Hello Engines! logo will be used.

  • Report Copyright: Furthermore, you have the possibility to change the copyright in the report's footer.

When you are ready, click OK to save the template.