Web Robot Simulator

The Web Robot Simulator shows you how search engine robots "see" your site and that of your competitors.

  1. Select an agent to see the URL through his eyes.

  2. Enter the URL you would like to analyze into the address bar. Open the URL by clicking on Navigate or by pressing ENTER.

  3. On the left you see the website as it is displayed in a common browser. On the right you can switch between five different views:

  • Robot View: This view will show you what and how search engines read your site.

  • HTML Source: Shows the source code of the currently open website

  • Content: Subdivides the content of each area like title, meta tags and body and shows you the mere text content only

  • Keywords: A graph which demonstrates how often each keyword is used in the text

  • Links: Lists all links outgoing from this site with their link text and possible nofollow attributes