Website Rating

The Website Rating module in Hello Engines! provides an overview of the most important factors for a website in relation to its ranking.

As there are many different criteria to be considered for the ranking, promotion and popularity of a website you should check from time to time how well the most important of those criteria like technical requirements, linking and an acceptable Page Rank have been fulfilled.  

Note: The Rating module offers the possibility to check the most important criteria at a glance and calculates an overall rating for a website. Please note that it should only be seen as a guideline and does not mean a representative statement about the quality or the real value of your website. With the help of the rating you can identify which points may need to be improved and measure the changes over a specific period.

The Website Rating module consists of three tabs:

  • Website-Rating

  • Compare Websites: In this tab you can compare the results of different websites to each other.

  • Top 1000 Websites: This tab will show you the best 1,000 websites which were tested in ASEOPS and Hello Engines! for comparison.