Release Notes for Hello Engines!

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11.0.2 (Released August 1, 2022)

  • Hello Engines! is now available as freeware

11.0.1 (Released March 3, 2020)

  • A large number of bug fixes and updates have been made.

11.0.0 (Released June 12, 2018)

  • User interface was updated.
  • Obsolete tools were removed or updated.
  • A few new tools were implemented.
  • Integrated web browsers were extended to the new standards.
  • Handling of search engines responses was improved and updated.
  • Number of other minor improvements and error corrections.

10.0.0 (Released June 20, 2016)

  • The program's general performance and speed were significantly enhanced.
  • Improved user interface and usability corresponding to the latest Windows 10 guidelines.
  • Integrated support of Page Speed Insights tools.
  • Extended support of HTML5 and other language extensions.
  • Validation of using hreflang attributes for language and regional pages was introduced.
  • Website Analyses functions were updated and optimized.
  • Number of other improvements and corrections.

9.0.4 (Released November 19, 2014)

  • SEO Analysis functions were corrected and updated.
  • Memory management was optimized to improve scanning of large websites.
  • Functions for retrieving backlinks were updated.

9.0.2 (Released July 8, 2014)

  • Correction of a problem with retrieving backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools.

9 (Released December 11, 2013)

  • Improved HTML Validator: Now supports HTML 5 as well as other numerous HTML extensions.
  • Working in a team: Users can use projects and templates via a local network, cloud or another shared folder in a team.
  • Improved project management: Users can create folders and subfolders where they can organize their projects.
  • Proxy server for search engine queries: As far as search engine queries are concerned, users can define as many proxy servers as they like whereby the query will speed up considerably and possible blocks by the search engines will be avoided.
  • Website Analysis: Users can determine and save a number of individual analysis settings. These settings can be in turn imported whenever they are needed.
  • Report settings: The options available for the analysis report have been further enhanced and as a consequence the user can now determine what kind of information is to be presented and how the graphical displays should be presented in terms of color.
  • SEO-Wiki: After performing the website analysis, the user will receive additional links to the SEO-Wiki. The Wiki is continually being updated and contains some useful SEO articles. The user gets some general l information about the topic and recommendations according to the analysis result.
  • Advanced settings for ranking query: In the Options window, it is possible to customize the settings for ranking queries via search engines in further detail.
  • New user interface: The user interface was revised and equipped with new icons, arranging the program in a clearer manner and highlighting important information better.
  • Five color themes: The user can now choose from five different color themes for the user interface.
  • Templates: Templates can now be imported and exported.
  • Rating Process: A new area included in the analysis report demonstrates the rating process through the use of icons.
  • Faster loading times: Projects now load up more quickly.

8.0.2 (Released January 25, 2013)

  • Improved support of multiple successive redirections by all the site scanners and analyzers.
  • Fixed the problem of false detection of new version of database on update server.
  • Added possibility to regenerate ranking reports for old queries stored in history.
  • Rating functions were updated.
  • Several user interface improvements and minor error corrections.

8.0.1 (Released October 9, 2012)

  • Help files were updated.
  • Context menus to HTML source editors were added.
  • Enhanced support of excluding URLs from scanning and analysis.
  • Possibility to define several session ids to delete from analyzed URLs was implemented.
  • Number of optimizations to improve speed and stability of scanning large websites were implemented.
  • Several other minor error corrections and user interface improvements.

Version 8.0.0 (Released September 21, 2012)

  • The program is now available in several editions, including Freeware.
  • Redesigned user interface, improved useability and easier handling.
  • Analysis of local projects: Apart from websites which are available online, you can now also analyze and optimize websites on your hard drive.
  • Improved backlinks management and display of additional useful information such as PageRank, Domain Authority, and mozRank.
  • Automated backlink gathering from blekko web service was introduced.
  • Wizard for importing backlinks from the user's Google Webmaster Tools was implemented.
  • Advanced filters for Backlinks section were added.
  • A number of new and updated elements pertaining to SEO optimization analysis.
  • Recommendations for SEO analysis were updated to reflect recent research in SEO.
  • New functionality for comparing the SEO optimization between two websites quickly and easily.
  • Comparison of the top 10 websites for a keyword in regards to their search engine optimization.
  • Improved search for duplicated content: All documents within a website are now compared to each other to detect duplicate content.
  • Improved ranking report: The results are now shown in a results table.
  • Reports can now be exported into Word, Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV.
  • Results tables can now be exported into Word, Excel, PDF or CSV.
  • Numerous new reports & improved existing reports for the different program modules.
  • The importance and weight of a website analysis element can now be customized.
  • Speed of analysis and HTML code validation was significantly increased.
  • Sitemap Generator was extended and improved.
  • Secure FTP protocol (FTP via SSH) support was implemented.
  • The option to define competitors manually was introduced.
  • Commands for opening URLs in external programs were implemented.
  • Support of customizable sounds for different program actions was introduced.
  • Context menus for quick operations on found URLs were added in all program sections.
  • Numerous other improvements and optimization of the existing functionality.

7.2.4 (Released February 21, 2012)

  • The problem with opening the integrated HTML Editor was fixed.
  • Sorting by columns behavior was improved.
  • Website analysis and rating functions were updated.

7.2.3 (Released February 12, 2012)

  • The Website Rating functions were updated.
  • The Website Analysis functions were updated and corrected.
  • A number of other minor errors were fixed.

7.2.1 (Released May 2, 2011)

  • The rating functions were updated.
  • Several text and user interface problems were corrected.

7.2.0 (Released April 4, 2011)

  • French and Spanish translations revised.

7.1.9 (Released February 17, 2011)

  • The functions for retrieving ranking results were updated.
  • The Website Analysis results display was improved.
  • An option for validating external links was implemented.
  • A problem where not all broken links were displayed in the HTML Editor was resolved.
  • The automatic submission method was improved.

7.1.8 (Released December 14, 2010)

  • The Website Rating functions were updated.
  • An error in the HTML Editor where not all broken links were displayed was corrected.
  • Sounds in the integrated web browsers used for analysis are now suppressed.
  • Improved HTML validation.
  • A problem with some documents which were not found by the Sitemap Generator was corrected.
  • A number of other minor errors and usability issues were corrected.

7.1.7 (Released July 23, 2010)

  • An option to exclude Session ID parameters from generated links in the Site Map section was implemented.
  • A problem with retrieving site information from several multiple-frames web sites was solved.
  • A problem with incorrect paths correspondence between local and remote systems under certain conditions was fixed.
  • The ranking determining algorithms were updated.
  • An inconsistency between the number of HTML errors found by the Site Analyzer and HTML Editor was corrected.
  • The Site Rating section was updated.
  • Several other minor errors and user interface problems were fixed.

7.1.6 (Released June 16, 2010)

  • A problem with an error dialog during analysis of web pages with
    not-signed ActiveX controls was fixed.
  • Number of minor issues were fixed

7.1.5 (Released May 7, 2010)

  • Site analysis algorithms were updated
  • Site Rating functions were updated
  • Number of minor issues were fixed

7.1.4 (Released February 8, 2010)

  • The problem with the "Timeout" error message during analysis of some websites was fixed.
  • Several minor improvements and corrections were implemented.

7.1.3 (Released November 13, 2009)

  • A problem with activation of additional keys on the second computer without adding new URLs was fixed.
  • Improved handling of UTF-8 pages in the integrated HTML Editor.
  • The problem with lost 'Excluded' status of Search Engines appearance items was fixed.
  • Number of other minor issues were corrected.

7.1.2 (Released October 28, 2009)

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7.
  • Several other minor issues were corrected.

7.1.1 (Released October 14, 2009)

  • Analysis functions were updated.
  • Several minor errors and text issues were corrected.

7.1.0 (Released September 28, 2009)

  • A new option for web sites without access to the source files was
    implemented, which allows to analyze and view detailed analysis data.
  • A new option to view analysis details of browser version of web pages
    was added to simplify analysis of dynamic web sites.
  • An enhanced search engines appearance and submission requirements
    analysis was implemented.
  • The Site Rating functions were updated.
  • A number of other minor improvements and error fixes were implemented.

7 (Released July 26, 2009)

  • Completely new development with basically renewed concept.
  • New Analysis section: Find all technical errors as well as the  strengths and weaknesses of your website regarding optimization for search engines.  
  • New Optimization section: Correct detected errors directly from the program and go through the clearly arranged list step by step.
  • Improved search engine submission: Submit only to those search engines where you have not yet been listed.
  • Reports & Success Tracking: Create a complete report including comparison to competitors or individual reports for ranking and submission - for you or for your customers.
  • Optimize for particularkeywords and for a primary search engine.
  • Creation of templates for frequently used project data.
  • Rating of your website for a before-after comparison.
  • Create individual reports using your own logo and formatting.
  • New program interface: Well-arranged division into 4 modules.
  • Numerous other innovations and features.

6.7.0 (Released May 28, 2009)

  • The Site Rating functions have been updated.
  • The problems with incorrect symbols displaying in the generated HTML reports  have been resolved.
  • Several errors causing application's crash under Windows Vista were fixed.
  • Incorrect behavior of the web sites editor after adding and deleting multiple URLs was corrected.
  • The problem with incorrect updating project's data after switching from one web site to another was resolved.
  • The problem with moving the main window into the background after import data from URL was fixed.
  • The error after saving generated data to a .mtg file in the Metatags  Generator wizard was fixed.
  • The problem with blocking URL input after switching to the Submission section and back  has been fixed.
  • Automatic refresh of the projects tree view is implemented after adding new project was implemented.
  • The error "List index out of bounds(0)" in the section Submission was fixed.
  • A number of other minor errors and cosmetic issues have been corrected.

6.6.1 (Released March 20, 2009)

  • A problem with displaying folder in the local system explorer under Windows 2000 is fixed.

6.6.0 (released: March 3, 2009)

  • Improved Manual Submission functionality with heuristic substitution of appropriate field values into web forms.
  • Updated  Site Rating functions.
  • Link-Partner-Depot section was removed.
  • Numerous other functionality improvements and minor issues fixes.

6.5.8 (released: November 25, 2008)

  • The Site Rating functions were updated.

6.5.7 (released: September 30, 2008)

  • The error appearing during automatic submission in version 6.5.6 was fixed.

6.5.6 (released: September 22, 2008)

  • The Site Rating functions were updated.
  • The problem with not saving new generated user databases in the DB Editor was fixed.
  • The issue with incorrect icon images under Windows 2000 was fixed.

6.5.4 (released: June 19, 2008)

  • The Rating functions were updated.
  • Several problems with parsing HTML pages with UTF-8 encoding were resolved.
  • Improved parsing of web pages with errors in HTML code.
  • The problem with sending e-mails in the Report Search Engine Wizard was fixed.
  • Several minor problems were fixed.

6.5.3 (released: March 25, 2008)

  • The problem with not detecting pages without filename extensions in the Site Analyzer was fixed.
  • The problem with incorrect numbers of links in the Site Rating for Live Search was fixed.
  • A number of other small issues was fixed.

6.5.2 (released: March 17, 2008)

  • French language support added.
  • Improved Rating functionality.
  • A number of small issues and text problems was fixed.

6.5.1 (released: March 10, 2008)

  • An error with incorrect detection of the number of frames for some pages was fixed in the Site Analyzer.
  • The problem with incorrect detection of the number of links in the Site Rating module was corrected.
  • A number of minor text, help and cosmetic issues was fixed.

6.5 (released: March 5, 2008)

  • New program area Home: a SEO-CheckList with all important steps for the search engine optimization.
  • New program area Rating: determine how Hello Engines! estimates your website regarding important aspects.
  • New Site Analyzer: the Site Analyzer has completely been revised and gives now a better verification of your website.
  • Additional details to the several search engines and directories: PageRank, NoFollow and Last verified.
  • A number of minor errors have been fixed and detail improvements

6.0.6 (released: January 30, 2008)

  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista, in particular when the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is activated for all programs.
  • A number of minor errors and issues were fixed.

6.0.5 (released: November 5, 2007)

  • A problem with midas.dll was fixed.

6.0.4 (released: November 1, 2007)

  • The Search Engines Database Editor was improved.
  • The problem with the missing task bar button if the program was closed being in minimized state was fixed.
  • Problems with error messages under Windows 98 were fixed.
  • The incorrect ribbon painting issues under Windows Vista were fixed.
  • A number of other small issues was fixed.

6.0.3 (released: September 28, 2007)

  • The problem with importing project files created in previous versions of Hello Engines! Standard was fixed.
  • The problem with the main window not closing after running the install script in the Update Manager was fixed.
  • A few minor problems were fixed.

6.0.2 (released: September 19, 2007)

  • The problem with the incorrect behavior of spin edits on toolbars (like number of threads) was fixed.
  • Few minor issues were fixed.

6.0.1 (released: September 4, 2007)

  • The errors with generating content in the Metatags Generator section were fixed.
  • The problem with the program freezing after double-click on the application button was solved.
  • A number of minor errors and cosmetic issues was fixed.

6 (released: August 21, 2007)

  • New improved user interface using Vista style - even more structured and easy-to-use!
  • No time limitation for the search engine database updates.
  • Now includes an editor for the search engine database: Add your own search engine entries or edit existing ones

  • Switch from the default to the user-defined search engine database.

  • A new project structure allows you to add one or more websites into a project.

  • New Metatag Generator, now as in the Professional version.
  • Improved manual submission - add data and websites even more easily!
  • New useful wizards.
  • Project files are now completely compatible to Hello Engines! Professional.
  • Many other new functions and improvements!

4.0.5 (released: March 25, 2007)

  • Improved support of users with restricted rights on Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista ('standard' users on Windows Vista).
  • Improved compatibilty with some firewall types.
  • A few other minor problems have been fixed.

4.0.4 (released: January 23, 2007)

  • The program has been made Windows Vista-compatible.

4.0.3 (released: Februar 06, 2006)

  • Correction of a bug caused by the Update Manager which did not save project data and program settings after restart.
  • Fixed the bug which occured an error after makeing a click on the mouse to an empty engine list.
  • Several minor bugs and cosmetic problems are fixed.

4.0.2 (released: June 18, 2005)

  • Correction of bug which occurred during activation.

4.0.1 (released: Sep. 30, 2004)

  • Correction of bug when automatically generating RTF reports.
  • Correction of Site-Checker bug which occurred when using dots as keywords. (released: May 12, 2004)

  • Correction of a problem which resulted in the bug "Directory cannot be created".
  • Correction of English translation (released: May 02, 2004)

  • Correction on an issue in Program Options -> Paths synchronous swithing in \Root Directoty\ comboboxes
  • Correction on an issue with applying default selection/filter options in the Manual Submission
  • Fixed the issue with automatic submission of projects with a very long title (an error occured when the program tried to create a directory for reply pages).

4 (released: Mar 14, 2004)

  • Improved user interface - More clearly arranged and easier to use!
  • New and improved Metatag Generator Wizards - you can directly upload generated metatags and add them into websites or import them from local files or directly from online URLs!
  • More status reports - In addition to RTF format, HTML and table format is available as well!
  • Improved Manual Submission - You can add data and websites more easily!
  • New Task Manager - Carry out your automatic submissions according to a schedule!
  • Improved Site Checker - Scanning files and websites becomes even more easier!
  • New Quick load function - Quickly save and load personal details!
  • Improved user help, documentation, tutorial and new info window displaying helpful hints!
  • New One-Minute Assistant - Submit your website to search engines with only few mouse-clicks!
  • Improved user help, documentation, tutorial and new info window displaying helpful hints!
  • Many other new functions and improvements! (released: Feb 18, 2004)

  • Correction of incomplete country list in activation wizard. (released: Feb 12, 2004)

  • Correction of installation script issue.
  • New French translation.
  • Misc. other improvements and bug corrections.