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Fred Pandidan, Los Angeles, USA, www.mrairfare.com, says:

"I've tried several others on trial basis and none came close to being as easy to use and in terms of producing more traffic."

Al Cruz, London, UK, says:

"Definitely worth a try. I was immediately impressed with its features and potential."

Bernhard Rumpold, Austria, www.pca.at, says:

"Great tool for modern SEO. Actually an absolute MUST HAVE."

Martin Bömke, Tennant Metall & Technologie GmbH, Germany, www.tennant-metall.de, says:

"Hello Engines! is a powerful program for professional online marketing with success factor."

Christopher Schmeil

Christopher Schmeil, smileStudio Dentalkosmetik & Silensor-Center Darmstadt, Germany, www.smileStudio.de, says:

"Solid software, useful functional range, we have used Hello Engines! for many years and are very satisfied."

Julian Hoffmann, Germany, www.gamex.cc, says:

"Excellent SEO software which convinces by performance and user-friendliness."

Norbert Fränkle, Managing Director, www.SANlutions.de, says:

"With Hello Engines! I have consistently publicized a diverse range of customer projects and thus achieved much better positions and more hits for these websites."

Frank Kersten, Germany, www.tropicocktail.de, says:

"Hello Engines! is THE leading program to submit websites to search engines, to do search engine optimization and as a result achieve a greater internet presence. Easy to handle and very effective."

Christian Unkart, aizz systems, Germany, www.wsb.cc, says:

"The excellent price-performance ratio of Hello Engines! convinced us immediately. Thanks to this Software we even have the top position for some keywords which are important to us in several search engines! Therefore, we can recommend the product to every website operator - regardless of whether it's for private or commercial uses."

Heiner Hemken

Heiner Hemken, www.seo-united.de, says:

"Hello Engines! is one of first software solutions which has attempted to assist operators of small websites in self search engine optimization for their sites. Big thumbs up!"

Michael Miksch, www.aquarien-shop.com, says:

"This program is the "must have" for homepage builders. All important fucntions in one program, that's how it should be."

www.spirituosenhaus.de, says:

"Hello Engines! Standard has helped me as a beginner a lot. It's easy to operate and understand. With Hello Engines! Standard I was able to correct my mistakes step by step and optimize my homepage for search engines. Highly recommendable and especially for beginners, provides a good start."

E. Langen, Germany, www.traben-trarbach-wolf.de, says:

"There are many things which are important for a good ranking. Hello Engines is very useful for analyzing and actually always leads to a consderable ranking improvement."

Martin Gronen, Gronen Bürodienstleistungen GbR, Germany, www.buero-gronen.de, says:

"Hello Engines! is comparably useful for professionals and beginners to analyze a website and to promote it in search engines."

Markus Thies

Markus Thies, Germany, www.tischtennis.biz, says:

"Hello Engines is an easy-to-use program with which you can effectively improve your ranking. I am very satisfied with the price-performance ratio."

Enrico Seidel, Germany, www.Heilkurreisen.de, says:

"Our site was optimized with Hello Engines and positioned in search engines optimally."

Gerda Schmied

Gerda Schmied, Austria, www.austrianweb.at, says:

"Excellent, intuitively usable SEO tool. Even for non-professionals comprehendible and transparent. Experts have an effective tool at hand and can achieve even more with it."

Markus Baersch, Suchmaschinenland, Germany, www.suchmaschinenland.de, says:

"The analyse functions of Hello Engines offer a solid and above all gfat overview of the status quo of any domain regarding search engine ranking and helps to evaluate the chances for a successful - or sometimes more problematic - optimization."

N. Andritschke, Germany, www.ah-abwasser.de, says:

"I would recommend Hello Engines!, because the program has helped me to increase the positions of the comapny website in search engines. Therefore, I can be found simply faster by my customers."

Wilhelm Kapell, Germany, www.kapell-consulting.de, says:

"I can recommend Hello Engines!, because Internet sites can be made known with it fast and effectively. The time spent on that is marginal."

Blerim Bunjaku, Switzerland, www.enyx.ch, says:

"Easy, Fast and Efficient."

Stefan Wagner

Stefan Wagner, Germany, www.tarifcheck-versicherung.de, says:

"The Standard version already comes with comprehensive tips to make your site known in the net! Keep it up - I can only recommend this program."

Katrin Willuhn, Germany, www.outdoor-plaza.de, says:

"Great program and help for all those who have just started to learn about SEO and want to integrate their projects fast and nearly error-free to the most important search engines."

Oliver Siebert

Oliver Siebert, Advertising agency Oliver Siebert, Germany, www.oliversiebert.de, says:

"With little effort we were able to analyze ways to improve the internet presences of our customers and make the results of the changes measurable."

Daniel Knapp, Germany, www.pr-agentur-berlin.de, says:

"We are using Hello Engines and are above all very satisfied with the sitechecker function. Support is great, fast and personal."

Jan Forster, Germany, www.janforster.de, says:

"Hello Engines! has helped me a lot to optimize my website."

D. Lesslauer, Germany, www.zgedichte.de, says:

"When establishing a new web project on the internet HE Std. is my instrument of choice - fast, efficient and with measurable success."

Christoph Jehn, Germany, www.eilgeschenke.de, says:

"There is no alternative for me."