Top 10 Compare

The Top 10 Compare module from the Optimization section allows you to compare your own website's SEO rating to those of the top 10 competitors for a keyword.

First of all, select the URL from your own domain to which you would like to compare the competitor websites. Below, you can select the keyword and the search engine which will be used to determine the top 10 competitors. By default, you will find the keywords you have selected for the page in the SEO Analyzer in this list, but you can also type in a different keyword.

Then click Analyze Top 10 and Hello Engines! will determine the top 10 competitors for the keyword and do a SEO analysis for them.

On the left side of the results table, you will find all the elements which were tested. Thus, you can see at a glance how your website and the top 10 websites are rated for each element and can determine where your competitor websites' strength and weakness regarding SEO lie.

Note: The percentage which is given is always a rating which shows how well a website does in regard to this element. For example, a rating of 100% for duplicated meta tags does NOT mean that there are duplicated meta tags everywhere, but that there are no duplicated meta tags and thus the websites receives a 100% rating for not having duplicated meta tags. For a more detailed analysis of a single website, use the SEO Analyzer.

You can use the Export button to save the results of this comparison.